Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mt Isa, Queensland

We found ourselves awake this morning at 3:15am! We think it is because we are too warm in bed, so tonight we will remove our blankets and just go with the doona. This trip has been a really warm one as we have only used our portable gas heater on about five occasions. Why did I bother to carry all of those disposable gas canisters?

We set out his morning for Camooweal QLD (yes we are crossing a border and time zone again). We arrived at Camooweal around 10:45 eastern time and had morning tea there. We had planned to spend the night at the free camp down by the river but as it was so early we decided to continue on to Mt Isa.

We stopped for a break at Avon Downs (there's no town there, just a cattle station) and took a few photos. There is a lone Police Station on the highway there, probably the only one for 200km in every direction.

The Avon Downs Police Station

The Police at Avon Downs had this Message for Drivers

For those not familiar with this remote region we have not had mobile (cell) phone, radio, or TV reception for around 500km. Many years ago the only communication the stations (ranches) in this area had with the outside world was by two-way-radio. Today they can purchase a government subsidized Satellite phones (too expensive for the rest of us).

This "Road Train" Driver is Paying Attention!

We Caught this Happy Grey Nomad Heading in the Other Direction

The GPS keeps us on Track Heading into the Next free Camp - Lunch is on!

This free camp is a memorial for the people who constructed the sealed road from Mt Isa to Darwin. The road construction was funded by the USA military and took about eighteen months. I understand there is also an old WW2 airfield here.

All of the Grey Nomads Stopped Here for Lunch

After lunch we motored on to Mt Isa where we checked into the Top Tourist park. We intend to stay two nights initially. Tomorrow we will see what the town has to offer.

Tonight for dinner we are having risotto followed by a Cherry Ripe! Its happy hour so I must sign off, goodnight all.


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