Thursday, May 25, 2017

Katherine - N.T.


KatherIne - N.T.
Thursday 25th May 2017

We left Daly Waters and all of its dust behind and hit the road north to KatherIne which would take us about four hours to drive. Its been four years since we'd been to Katherine and boy has the town advanced. We were so excited to discover that Katherine now has the golden arches!

That's right MacDonalds has come to town, so of course Faye insisted that we stop immediately so that I could buy a large liquid gold to-go.

This is an RV campsite we really appreciate and that some may envy
We are in the Shady Lane Caravan Park which is just 6km from town on the road to the Katherine Gorge. We've been here before and its one of the best RV parks in Australia, its also for sale if you happen to have a spare $3 million to invest. This is one of the few RV parks where the buyer wouldn't have to spend a cent.

We basically spent the afternoon de-dusting ourselves and relaxing under the awning. Its a little humid but the temperature is perfect, I'm sure that we will adjust to the humidity over the next few weeks.

Here's Relic riding up front for a change
Have you been wondering if our American friend and on-board mascot Relic, was still travelling with us? Well the answer is yes he's been enjoying touring through the vast outback and seeing the desert landscape

Relic didn’t know what to make of the termite mounds

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